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Welcome to the Berry College Forensics Union website!

We are the Berry College speech and debate team comprised of an ambitious, fun, loud-spoken, extremely talented group of students of all majors, who empower themselves by speaking to others. Berry College is located in Northwest Georgia in a small town called Rome. Although Rome may be small, our forensics team makes a big impact nationally, competing at tournaments across the country. Since 1978, the Berry College Forensics Union has been speaking and debating with other colleges in the USA. 

Explore our blog and Our Team page to get to know our award winning competitors and the exciting events that are happening.


BCFU Documentary

Take a trip with the best speech and debate team in Georgia state history as they head to their 23rd consecutive state tournament. Watch here:

Born to Run -- Berry College Forensics Team Documentary

Tournament Records 

BCFU has an impressive record of achievements. The team won its 25 consecutive GIFA State Championship in 2019. 

We compete at large tournaments such as ones hosted by the American Forensic AssociationNational Forensic Association, Interstate Oratory Association, and Novice Nationals. 

Scholarship Opportunities 

The Forensics Union at Berry College offers forensics scholarships to incoming college freshmen. Visit our official Berry College Forensics page to learn more. 

The Berry College Forensics headquarters welcomes students with a chalkboard that has speech and debate team information and encouragement.
Before walking into the BCFU lounge, students pass the impressive amount of trophies that Berry College has won in speech and debate.

BCFU has a rich history and we want to remember those who have made the team what it is today. If you are an Alumni of BCFU, we would love to hear from you and feature you on our upcoming Alumni page! Please contact us!  

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