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What are the BCFU alumni up to? 

Our History

Over the years, BCFU has kept strong traditions a part of the team. From the team song to the slogan, "Berry College is 1# number," BCFU is a home for many, as well as start on a life time journey. Check out what our alumni are up to and see how BCFU has made a lasting impact!

Visit our online scrapbook for a look back on past teams! 


BCFU contains a rich history ever since its start in 1978. Team achievements include:

  • Interstate Oratory champions (1994, 2009)

  • 32 Novice Nationals champions (since 2001)

  • NFA's top speaker (1994, 2004)

  • 25 consecutive GIFA state team championships

  • Two IFA International Individual championships 

In 2002 and 2007, Berry College hosted the largest intercollegiate national tournament, NFA.

In 2005, Berry College hosted Novice Nationals.


On average, BCFU attends 12-15 tournaments per year. Check out the blog to learn about the current BCFU events! 

If you are interested in being featured, would like to support the team, or want to learn more, please contact us


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