Our Team

Matt Delzer, Director of Forensics

Matt has a B.A. in Speech Communication from Northern State University and a M.S. in Communication Studies and Journalism from South Dakota State University. Prior to coming to Berry College, Matt was the Director of Membership for the National Speech & Debate Association. He has been the Director of BCFU since 2016. Matt's daughter Zelly has become the team mascot and is unanimously the favorite member of the team.

Hope Willoughby, Assistant Director of Forensics

Hope graduated from Berry College with a B.A. in Communication and then went on the earn an M.A. in Human Communication and Social Influence at Georgia State University. Hope participated in BCFU when she attended Berry College and was even the Interstate Oratory (IOA) champion in 2009. As ADOF at Berry since 2013, Hope loves helping students achieve their own goals, whether it is winning a national championship or becoming a more confident speaker. The team loves Hope too, even when she jams to mid-2000's Ludacris songs in the car. 

Shelby Newland, President

Shelby Newland is a sophomore English major from Bloomington, Indiana. She joined the Forensics Union because she likes the sound of her own voice but stayed because it is pretty much the greatest thing that’s ever happened to her.

Events: POI, DI, Poetry, Duo

Nadia Clinkscales, Vice President

Nadia is a sophomore psychology major from South Carolina.  She's a really interesting person, but she didn't send any biographical information for the website, so this is all she gets for now.

Events:  DI, Prose, POI

Madison Capeling, Treasurer

Madison is a junior from Nashville, TN. She transferred here in the Fall of 2018 and has found a home with the forensics team. She is an animal science major who loves plants, animals, theatre, wine, and all things science. Events:  Poetry, Prose, Public Narrative, Duo

Anna Claire Tucker

Anna Claire Tucker is a junior biology major from Blount Springs, Alabama. When she isn't studying, practicing violin, or rehearsing speeches, she finds herself drawn to eating honey crisp apples, photographing wild mushrooms, and fantasizing about moving to New Zealand. 

Events: Persuasion, Informative

Sosa Barboza

Sosa is a student from Uruguay who came to the U.S to go to Disney World, however, she ended up just living in New York. She is a junior music major whose natural habitat is in the Percussion Suite. Therefore, so she has no free time to watch conspiracy videos. She never made it to Disney World.

Events:  Impromptu, POI, Poetry

Ashley Beaubouef

Ashley is a junior Exercise Science major and Chemistry Minor on a premedical track towards optometry school. She enjoys taking leisurely strolls around Berry's campus, and spending time with her friends. If you ever need to find her, she spends ninety percent of her life in the library, slaving away to homework. Classic leather-bound books, chamomile tea, and soft sweaters are her favorite things.

Events: Prose, DI

Margaret Ashton

Margaret is a junior Education major from Rome, Georgia.  The social conscience of the team, Margaret makes sure that BCFU follows eco-friendly practices like avoiding single-use plastic straws.

Events: ADS, Prose

A.R. Reddy

Anjali is a junior psychology major from Atlanta, Georgia. This is her first year on the forensics team. She hopes to counsel suicidal individuals and publish a book in the near future. In her spare time, she loves to ride horses, play the piano, read, or listen to Foster the People. She chose to join the team to express her passion for helping others and to put her career out there. She’s a little shy at first, but then opens up once you get to know her. 

Events:  Persuasion, Impromptu, Public Narrative

Ben Allee

Ben is a sophomore Art History major, and has been on the team since his freshman year. He enjoys movies (only the sad ones), music (only the sad stuff), and art (some of it’s ‘happy,’ more or less). He hopes to someday inspire classrooms, study all sorts of art, and continue his hobbies of making music and writing. Someday, he’d like to compete in Impromptu (melo)Dramatic Prose Interpretation, but for now, that’s just a dream.

Events: Prose, Dramatic Interpretation, Impromptu, POI

Jacob Pritchett

Jacob Pritchett is a sophomore Economics major from Montgomery, Alabama. While he's from the Deep South, he considers himself a northerner at heart. At night, he binges on grilled cheese sandwiches and sprite, and in the morning, he binges on alkaline water and chewy vitamins. You can find him in some dark corner of the Memorial Library reading news articles and plotting world domination. 

Events: Extemp, Impromptu, Parli, Rhetorical Criticism, POI

Kandra Martin

Kandra is a sophomore History major and German minor from Ellijay, Georgia.  As a Bonner scholar, she is an active volunteer at the Rome Habitat for Humanity.  Kandra doesn’t have time for hobbies, but she loves to read and work out.  Other team members are intimidated by how many pull-ups she can do.

Events:  ADS, Impromptu, Extemp, Parli

Noah Syverson

Noah is a sophomore Communication major from Rome, Georgia. It's been widely accepted that he bears a striking resemblance in both looks and vocal ability to famed 90's hip hop sensation Vanilla Ice. Noah's thriving rap career first took flight when he released two diss singles for his high school's student section. Bob Ross is his spirit animal.

Events: POI, Poetry, Prose

Annie Dietz

Annie is a junior International Studies and Spanish major from Lexington, Kentucky. After Berry, she wants to go to law school. Aside from Forensics, she participates in like seventeen other clubs, rewatches the same shows on Netflix, saves bees, and listening to podcasts.

Events:  Extemp, Impromptu, Informative

Sarah Baker

Sarah is a Psychology and History double major and is also an honors student. She was born in Florida but, now lives in Acworth, GA. Her favorite things to do include reading, writing, playing football, and going to concerts. Fun fact: she will be studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland next semester!

Events:  POI, Prose, Poetry

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