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Jackson Purchase Swing

From February 3rd to February 5th, the BCFU team traveled up to Murray, Kentucky, to compete in a swing tournament. We took a large team to this tournament, so the results are lengthy, but impressive. We did really well as a team, with champions in persuasion and ADS, and even multiple Novice champions!

The first day was debate only and a new experience for many. BCFU sent out one parliamentary debate team. The next two days were Individual Events.

Results from day one, debate:

Quentin McTeer and Quinn Schurig Quarter-finalists!

Quentin McTeer 2nd place novice speaker Quinn Schurig 8th place novice speaker

5th place debate team sweepstakes!

Results from day two, first day of IE:

Team sweepstakes Third!!

Novice impromptu Nicole Harris Champion! Beth Anne DeKeizer 4th

Novice extemp Quinten McTeer Champion! Nicole Harris 4th

Novice DI Bailey Dingley Champion! Anna Claire Tucker 3rd

Novice persuasion Anna Claire Tucker 3rd

Novice prose Beth Anne DeKeizer 3rd

Novice ADS

Bailey Dingley 3rd

Duo Jared Crain / Jason Hatfield 3rd

Radio Jason Hatfield 6th Quinn Schurig 4th

POI Sara Arms 5th Avery James 6th

ADS Jess Bozeman 3rd Annabeth Crittenden 4th Jason Hatfield 6th

Rhetorical Criticism Nicky McHugh 2nd

Persuasion Nicky McHugh Champion!!

Pentathalon Jess Bozeman 10th

Results from day three:

Team Sweepstakes 2nd place large entry!!

ADS Jess Bozeman Champion! Nicky McHugh 6th

Novice ADS Bailey Dingley 2nd

Novice DI Bailey Dingley 3rd Anna Claire Tucker 5th

Duo Jared Crain / Jason Hatfield 5th

Extemp Quinn Schurig 5th

Novice Extemp

Nicole Harris 2nd

Quentin McTeer 5th

Impromptu Jess Bozeman 3rd

Novice impromptu Nicole Harris 2nd Beth Anne DeKeizer 3rd

Informative Jess Bozeman 6th

Persuasion Nicky McHugh 2nd

Novice persuasion Anna Claire Tucker Champion!!

POI Sara Arms 4th Avery James 6th

Prose Sara Arms 3rd Jared Crain 6th

Novice prose Beth Anne DeKeizer 5th

Radio Quinn Schurig 4th

Rhetorical Criticism Nicky McHugh 3rd

Individual Sweepstakes Jess Bozeman 7th

The team did really well this weekend. The amount of people from the team who competed at this tournament was impressive and BCFU showed how strong of a competition the team is. Although some team members were disappointed about missing the Super Bowl, we did watch the losing play of our beloved Atlanta Falcons while in a gas station, which only seems appropriate. The team came together and had a good time, whether it was during competition or just goofing off in the car.

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