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A Forensics Spring Break: Novice Nationals in Pensacola, FL.

This weekend BCFU went to the Novice Nationals tournament in Pensacola, FL. When the last ballot was tallied, we had 7 national finalists, a second place team finish, and a CHAMPION in extemporaneous!


Extemporaneous Nicole Harris NATIONAL CHAMPION!

Impromptu Eugenia Barboza 4th

Informative Eugenia Barboza 5th

Persuasion Anna Claire Tucker 6th

Public Narrative Anna Claire Tucker 4th Nicole Harris 2nd

Individual Sweepstakes Nicole Harris 4th in the nation!

Team Sweepstakes 2nd in Division 2!!

The team overall did amazing! Not only did we do very well at the tournament, we had a fantastic trip in Pensacola that was full of laughter, good food, and wonderful weather!

In picture below, from left: Anna Claire Tucker, Beth Anne DeKeizer, Eugenia Barboza, Bailey Dingley, Jennifer Cortez, and Nicole Harris.

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