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John G. Fee Memorial Tournament

Mid-October, BCFU traveled up to Berea College in Kentucky to compete in the John G. Fee Memorial Tournament. Berry College finished 3rd overall in Small School Individual Sweepstakes, with only 8 competitors.


Poetry Interpretation

Avery James, 2nd

Radio Broadcasting

Noah Syverson, 5th


Nadia Clinkscales, 5th


Anna Claire, 3rd


Sara Arms, 5th


Ben Allee, 3rd

Tasha Mwangi, 4th

Sara Arms, 5th

We had 5 first-year competitors on the this tournament and the team as a whole showed the amazing potential for this season.

In the outside photo below, from top left to right: Ben Allee, Tasha Mwangi, Chase Hollub, and Noah Syverson. Bottom left to right: Nadia Clinkscales, Sara Arms, Anna Claire Tucker, and Avery James

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