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BCFU Places Third at Murray Tournament

MT. BERRY, Ga – Feb. 19, 2019 – The Berry College Forensics Union journeyed to a two-day swing tournament in Kentucky and placed third as a team, while also bringing home six individual first-place wins.

From Feb. 2-3, BCFU participated in the Ruby C. Krider and Alumni open tournaments at Murray State University. Students worked nonstop and competed against various colleges including Carson-Newman College and Western Kentucky University. After placing fourth in the team sweepstakes on Saturday, the team upped its game and ranked third on Sunday.

Kathleen Minor and Ben Allee placed first in their respective categories, communication analysis and impromptu speaking, two days in a row. Madison Capeling also placed first in her category, novice poetry. Allee, a sophomore, says that the Murray tournament challenges him to remember the meaning behind why he does forensics.

“This activity requires a crazy amount of effort, and a somewhat crazy kind of participant, and it's always a joy to find success at tournaments like Murray, remindi

ng us that all that craziness means something special in the end,” he says.

Next, BCFU is headed to the University of North Georgia in Gainesville for their state tournament, GIFA. The team will compete on Saturday, February 23.

Individual Scores

  • Saturday, Feb. 2

  • Ben Allee – 1st in impromptu and 3rd in DI

  • Madison Capeling – 1st in novice poetry

  • Kathleen Minor – 1st in CA and 4th in ADS

  • Sara Arms – 2nd in prose

  • Vanessa Fowler – 2nd in novice persuasion and 4th in novice radio

  • Avery James – 2nd in POI and 5th in CA

  • Noah Syverson – 2nd in radio and 4th in POI

  • Colton Wilson – 2nd in novice radio and 6th in novice prose

  • Erika Becerra – 3rd in novice POI

  • Nadia Clinkscales – 4th in DI

  • Jacob Pritchett – 6th in POI

  • Zoe Robinson – 6th in novice persuasion

  • Sunday, Feb. 3

  • Ben Allee – 1st in impromptu, 4th in prose and 5th in POI

  • Kathleen Minor – 1st in CA and 4th in ADS

  • Colton Wilson – 2nd in novice radio and 4th in novice info

  • Madison Capeling – 3rd in novice poetry

  • Vanessa Fowler – 3rd in novice impromptu, 5th in novice persuasion and 6th in novice radio

  • Avery James – 3rd in DI and 4th in CA

  • Sara Arms – 4th in POI and 5th in prose

  • Erika Becerra – 5th in novice prose and 5th in novice POI

  • Madison Capeling and Shelby Newland – 5th in duo

  • Nadia Clinkscales – 5th in DI

  • Sarah Baker – 6th in poetry

  • Shelby Newland – 6th in DI and 6th in POI

  • Noah Syverson – 6th in radio

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