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BCFU Performs at the Symposium on Student Scholarship

On April 9, 2019, The Berry College Forensics Union performed at the Symposium on Student Scholarship, presenting their speeches and oral interpretations from the season. In the line up were Nadia Clinkscales, Avery James, Benjamin Allee, Kathleen Minor, and Anna Claire Tucker.


Nadia Clinkscales, Dramatic Interpretation:

So Far To Fall

This piece explored one young woman’s grief and anger when her older brother was disowned by their family and forced to leave their home due to his sexual orientation.

Avery James, Program Oral Interpretation:

Use Your Tears: A Performative Critique on Protest Privilege

Through a compilation of literature that addresses and challenges racial discrimination, this program utilized the rhetoric performance to address the social, emotional, and economic consequences of protesting as a person of color.

Benjamin Allee, Prose Interpretation:

Googling Strangers

This presentation consisted of a performance of John Green's "Googling Strangers," through oral interpretation, in order to allow the audience to fully examine its unique but necessary implications concerning connection, turmoil, and healing.

Kathleen Minor, Rhetorical Criticism:

Childish Gambino and Booker T. Washington: Masters of Form

This speech examined Booker T. Washington's subversive use of minstrel tradition against white audiences in 1901, and used it to explore the implications of Childish Gambino using the same minstrel traditions more than 100 years later to turn media against itself and subvert white audiences with his own message in his music video, This Is America.

Anna Claire Tucker, Informative Speech:

Hirabayashi vs The United States: Justice Denied during Times of National Crisis

This speech examined the the self-deception and the dangerous consequences of the nation viewing the discrimination of Japanese Americans during WWII as a relic of the past rather than a reality of the present. The present state of affairs proves that both the government and public are still willing to sacrifice civil liberties in the wake of a national “crisis”.

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